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Dan Hogan

Secret Third Thing

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Gaston Bachelard writes in The Poetics of Space, ‘Consciousness of being at peace in one’s corner produces a sense of immobility, and this, in turn, radiates immobility.’ Thinking about it now, dad was talking about how language can be a resource when you’re cornered by the traps and trappings of labouring under capitalism. With a red tractor and colourless TV in mind, Secret Third Thing was written from corners about corners. If I was to attempt to frame the face of the work in the eye of the reader before they meet the work itself, face-to-face (Oh. Oh no), I would say these poems are an argot against the radiation of immobility emitted by capital, against the ways in which capitalist configurations elicit submission without an act of submission. If anything, how a red tractor gains consciousness of the great many strifes produced by being cornered, and how this, in turn, sheds something not useful or useless, but a secret third thing.