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Luka Lesson

Agapi & Other Kinds of Love

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Based on Plato's The Symposium, Agapi & Other Kinds of Love is a Modern Hip-hop Opera embedded in the Ancient Greek storytelling tradition.

Greek-Australian poet and rap artist Luka Lesson's reputation as one of Australia's best storytellers shines as he takes us on a journey through the Ancient Greek kinds of love.

Agapi & Other Kinds of Love begins with Socrates telling a banquet of friends everything he learned from a mysterious lover named: Diotima. The gods then take us on a journey - collapsing time and space to arrive in modern day Athens, where the two reincarnations of the Ancient lovers fall in love (again) in the midst of a riot.

Self-love, erotic love and familial love all collide with statues of Aphrodite, Molotov cocktails and the Parthenon steps.