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Madison Godfrey

Dress Rehearsals

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A memoir made of poetry, Dress Rehearsals documents a decade of performing womanhood in a non-binary body.

'Unlike anything else you'll ever read. It's an ode to womanhood, performative feminism and deeply confessional. Godfrey has created a deeply intimate letter to their experience of the everyday through an autobiography of sultry poetry.' InStyle Australia

My femininity is not a survival instinct, it is a song.

In their brilliant new poetry collection, Madison Godfrey documents a decade of performing womanhood, from teenage fangirl to tender femme. Godfrey's poems approach the autobiographical body as a site of the everyday and the surreal: experiencing first crushes, mosh pits, sharpened nails, gender euphoria, and the complicated colours of desire and memory.

Darkly witty and deeply confessional, Dress Rehearsals is a love story to the queer self. This coming-of-age memoir asks, what does it mean to wear femininity into the world, when it constitutes both a bullseye and a ballgown?