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Claire O'Rourke

Together We Can

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Inspiring stories about people around Australia who are taking action on climate change, helping create a better future for our children and for the planet, while at the same time deepening connections with each other.

Millions of Australians are quietly freaking out about climate change, and Claire O'Rourke is one of them. We know the science is bad, we're signing petitions, recycling our garbage and switching our light bulbs to LED - and we know so much more needs to be done. Australia is on the front lines. It's going to take a big, all-hands-on-deck effort to turn this around, and it can be overwhelming thinking about where to start.

Together We Can is an invitation to anyone worried about what climate change means for our future on this planet. Claire challenges us to make the choice to contribute by reconnecting with our communities. You can start small and simple, and before you know it, it's empowering, transformative and hopeful.